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Welcome to Debenham Youth Football Club.

As Chairman of the Debenham Youth Football Club, I would like to thank you for choosing to become part of our youth set up. I hope that your time with us is enjoyable and that every child goes away with a smile on their face having enjoyed either their training or match session.

In order for this to happen, we all need to ensure every child is actively encouraged to do well and ensure “fair play“ is adopted at all times. We actively police our junior football and will investigate all allegations of poor or unsporting behaviour.

The club will adhere to the FA Best Practices and the FA RESPECT program at all times. Child protection is a prime concern at Debenham Youth FC and we offer any parents or volunteers who wish to become more involved in the club the chance of taking part in Suffolk FA run workshops on both Safeguarding Children and Emergency First Aid.

Anyone failing to adopt our procedures and best practices will be asked to leave the site (we are here to protect and encourage children’s football development).

Our youth development committee has strict guidelines on how we wish to see football coached, played and developed at Debenham Youth FC and we will guide our coaches accordingly. All of our coaches are encouraged to extend their coaching qualifications and improve all aspects of their coaching.

Debenham Youth FC has a proud reputation for providing a friendly atmosphere for boys and girls from the community to learn and play football in a safe and encouraging environment. As a club, we are aiming to develop a distinct and recognisable culture, based on clear values and beliefs. The diversity of the players from our community is to be celebrated.

All of the children that sign on with Debenham Youth FC will be required to pay an £85 signing on fee. This fee is payable in full by the 31st July or can be paid in two instalments, £55 due by the 31st July and £30 due by the 1st December. This has proved a very a popular method of paying subs, as it allows coaches to concentrate on football and not collecting money, and means parents do not have to worry about giving money to children every week. It also proves good value for money as it works out cheaper than paying subs for every session. Please note that all signing on fees are non-refundable.

As a Club, we try to encourage parents to become involved at every opportunity. We are keen to ensure that children are protected and supported at all times. In this respect, we would encourage parents to offer their support, particularly at training session.

Thanks again for your interest in the club.

Yours faithfully

Simon Sparrow
Debenham Youth FC Chairman

Club Philosophy
Who are we: Debenham Youth Football Club has a proud reputation for providing a friendly atmosphere for boys and girls from the community to learn and play football iv a safe and encouraging environment. As a club, we are aiming to develop a distinct and recognisable culture based on clear values and beliefs. The diversity of the players from the community is to be celebrated.
Fair Playing time: Fair playing time is a core value. We do not believe anyone develops by standing on the sidelines and watching. That said, it is about the effort that players put in and their attitude on and off the pitch. Turning up at training, joining in, listening to the coaches and respecting other players, respecting officials are also part of the deciding factors for fair playing times. Skills alone will not guarantee you pitch time!
Attitude to Compete: We want every player to demonstrate the attitude to compete. This is even against sides where it is unlikely you will get a result. Football should be about learning and developing and taking small victories to boost and maintain team spirit and constant development. Having the right attitude is paramount. Compete fairly with passion and RESPECT.
Love playing for the Club: We want every player to love playing for the Club. We want players who are committed to the team, to the overall effort, and then most of all, enjoy playing for the Club. Creating an environment where this can happen is critical to our success, and the Club and its committee are focused on this. We aim for all players to have pride in the Club and the Debenham Badge.
Commitment: Being committed is more than just turning up on match days. We want players and families taking part and putting in an effort to support the players, the team, the Club and individuals. Commitment brings success, and success breeds success both and off the playing field. Just helping at match days, training or social events help our Club operate better for everyone.
Each and every team needs to be successful in order for the Club as a whole to be successful. We will aim to do that through support and the infrastructure we put in place to support all our teams.
Nurturing talent: We will strive to ensure that talent is nurtured to the best possible extent whilst it is within our control. We will attempt to recognise talent and ensure we do everything possible to continue that development in the interest of the player.

Show RESPECT to ALL. The FA RESPECT campaign is at the heart of the Clubs code of conduct and our expectations for players, parents, officials and visitors. We expect RESPECT from all to ALL. We must remember we are all volunteers, we are all human, this is grassroots football, it is supposed to be enjoyable to ALL.
Have fun, make friends, play football

Code of Conduct for Players and Parents

Our code of conduct is essential to the success and future development of junior football at Debenham Youth FC. We strive to create a positive atmosphere, free from foul and abusive language, undue pressure, embarrassment and prejudice. This is crucial in order for the children to be able to play, develop, enjoy and express themselves. Please support the children by abiding by this simple code of conduct.

⦁ Foul and abusive language from players, parents, team officials or spectators will not be tolerated.

⦁ Players, parents, team officials & spectators are requested to respect the referee and officials and any decisions they make. No abuse of referees or officials will be tolerated.

⦁ All persons are expected to let the children play without being embarrassed by screaming and shouting from the touchline. Players often become distracted and confused when hearing conflicting comments and instructions from the touchline, and as a result their performance, confidence and enjoyment may suffer.

⦁ We encourage positive support from all by means such as “Well done” or “Great pass” as opposed to criticism for mistakes. Young children do not respond well to negative feedback and such must be avoided.

⦁ Serious disciplinary issues will be dealt with by the Club Committee in conjunction with the Suffolk FA and the team manager. Parents may be requested to attend any disciplinary hearing held.

⦁ The taking of pictures or the videoing of the children is strictly forbidden without prior permission of the club and the parents of ALL the children involved.

⦁ Failure to comply with this code may result in the exclusion of individual Players, Parents, Coaches, Managers or Spectators from the club.

All Debenham Youth FC Coaches have signed up to the Clubs “Code of Conduct for Coaches” which is available by request.

Debenham Youth FC Training Ground Rules

These rules apply to all persons either involved in or watching training sessions.;

⦁ No swearing or spitting
⦁ Players MUST NOT wear jewellery i.e. watches, rings etc
⦁ Players MUST wear correct kit at all times i.e. shin pads and correct footwear
⦁ No litter to be left on the training area or surrounding area
⦁ Strictly no sweets or chewing gum etc allowed during training or playing
⦁ Players and parents are required to conduct themselves properly at all times during training

A warning will be issued by coaches to any player who continually misbehaves, players who continue to misbehave or disrupt others will then be asked to leave the session. This also applies to parents and spectators.

Please, can all children be ready to start training promptly at the assigned time for their age group. This is to allow the coaches to begin sessions on time and without constant interruptions.

ALL injuries or medical conditions that may affect training (including heavy colds and Asthma) must be reported to the coach prior to the session. Any player deemed unfit to take part will be asked to return to their parent/guardian. The welfare of the child must be considered at all times.

Any player that may require emergency medicine due to a medical condition (inhaler, EpiPen etc.) must have them with them to take part and inform the coach where they are.

Players will only be allowed to take part at the coach’s discretion.

Please provide plenty of water for your child to drink during the session.

A parent or authorised guardian must remain on site with players under the age of 10 Years unless permission is given by the coaches for the child to be left.

Please remember that the taking of pictures or the videoing of the children is strictly forbidden without prior permission of the club and the parent/guardian of ALL the children involved.

The signing and returning of the Parental Consent Form is mandatory for all children involved in Debenham Youth FC.
By signing the Consent Form, parents and players are agreeing to abide by the club rules.

Football Expectations

We want all our children to play as much football as possible, at the correct level for them and in the right team, and we will never ask any player to leave the club due to ability.

But also, no parent or player will be allowed to demand a place in any team; we trust our coaches and managers to be fair and impartial and to do the best thing for each child’s development, even if this means a child moving to different team at the club, or to training only until they are ready for competitive football.

Debenham Youth FC Complaints / Disciplinary Procedure

In the event that any player or parent feels that he or she has suffered discrimination, bullying or abuse in any way or that the club policies, rules or codes of conduct have been broken, they should if possible speak to their team manager/coach in the first instance. However, should you still have an issue after this please follow the procedures below:

⦁ Report the matter to the Club Child Welfare Officer, Club Secretary, Chairman or Vice Chairman.

Your report should include:

⦁ Details of what, when, and where the occurrence took place.
⦁ Any witness statements and names.
⦁ Names of any others who have been treated in a similar way.
⦁ Details of any former complaints made about the incident, dates, when and to who made.
⦁ A preference for the solution to the incident.

⦁ The Club Management Committee will sit for any hearings requested.

⦁ The Club Management Committee will have the power to warn as to future conduct, suspend or remove from membership, any person found to have broken the Clubs policies or codes of conduct.

In the event that any parent, spectator, coach, player or official has a child protection issue it should be reported immediately to the Club Child Welfare Officer.

All serious disciplinary issues involving players, parents, coaches or spectators will be dealt with by the Committee in conjunction with the Suffolk FA.

We would like to remind everyone involved with Debenham Youth FC that you are responsible for the welfare of every child in our care. The Club Child Welfare Officer is also here to ensure the welfare and integrity of all volunteers and coaches, and it is your responsibility not to put yourself in a position where you could be at risk.

Finally, the Club would like to thank you for choosing Debenham Youth FC for your child’s football and hope that you and your child enjoy every aspect of our club.

Useful names & emails

Chairman Simon Sparrow 07769588630
Vice Chairman Jason Ainge 07841187119
Club Secretary Laura Rodgers
Treasurer Bec Jasper
Child Welfare Judith Hubert 01473 830435

Players/Parents’ Consent Form

As a prerequisite of joining Debenham youth FC every parent must complete, agree and sign this Medical Consent and Club Codes of Conduct form.


Debenham Youth FC Code of Conduct can be found in the Club Welcome Pack which is given to every child and parent who join Debenham Youth FC. Additional and updated copies are available on request from any of the coaches or the Club Website.

I/We, the Parent/Guardian of …………………………………………………….….…….
agree to adhere to the Club codes of conduct regarding the behaviour of all children, family members and guests associated with the above-named child.

Any failure to adhere to these codes of conduct may result in the Management Committee of Debenham Youth FC expelling the guilty party(s) from our facility.

I/We agree that any videoing or photography is strictly forbidden at the facility without the express consent of the parents, team managers involved and Club Welfare Officer.

Bad language, aggressive behaviour and verbal/physical abuse towards players, match officials, coaches or other parents will NOT be tolerated by Debenham Youth FC.

Signed ……………………………………………………………………. Print Name …………………………………………….…………………


Child’s first name: ______________________ Child’s Surname: ____________________

Date of Birth: ___________________ Age (on 01/09/18): ____ School year from 01/09/18 ______

Please provide information relating to any medication, condition or allergy that your child may have and which we need to be aware of:





Parent/Guardian Details

Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________ Contact Telephone (during football sessions)

______________________________________ (Home): _____________________________

Postcode: __________________ (Mobile): ____________________________

Email address: _______________________________________________________________

Doctor’s Name: ____________________________________________________________

Surgery Address: ____________________________________________________________

Telephone No: ____________________________________________________________

Consent Statement

⦁ When my child attends a Debenham Youth FC match or coaching session, he/she will be in good health and I consider him/her capable of taking part.
⦁ I have completed the medical details above and consent that in an emergency, any medical treatment necessary can be administered to my child, which could include anaesthetics.
⦁ He/she will wear appropriate clothing & other protection (e.g. hat, sunscreen) to suit the weather conditions. Wearing of shin pads is compulsory.
⦁ I understand that while the coaches will take every reasonable precaution to ensure accidents do not happen, they cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by my child.
⦁ During the match/session the coaches will provide a duty of care to ensure the safety and welfare of my child when in attendance.
⦁ However, if at any time, my child decides to leave the area where coaching is taking place, I confirm that the coaches will no longer be responsible for my child’s welfare.

I hereby give permission for my son/daughter/ward to take part in the football match/coaching sessions associated with Debenham Youth FC.

Parent/Guardian’s Name: ____________________________________________________
(Block capitals please)

Parent/Guardian’s Signature: __________________________ Date: _______________

Please return your completed registration form, payment and declaration to your Team Coach

Please ensure that all documents and payments are received by 31st July to ensure that your child can be registered and play for Debenham Youth FC.

Payment Details:

You can pay in the following ways. BACS, Cheque, Cash. All payments must be received with the completed registration form. Please tick the relevant box regarding your payment option. If you are paying in two instalments, please ensure you also enclose the second cheque payment dated 1 December or for bank transfers, please ensure your bank is instructed to make the second payment on 1 December.

Child to be Registered U8 to U16 Option 1
(delete as appropriate Option 2
(delete as appropriate)

One off Payment Tick First Instalment Second
Instalment Tick
1st child registered £85 £55 £30
2nd child registered £70 £40 £30
3rd and subsequent children £60 £30 £30
Under 7’s &
Girls U10


Payment method:

There are different payment rates for under 7s as there is no formal league set up for under 7s.

SORT CODE: 40-20-33

Unpaid signing on fees will incur an administration charge of £10. Players will be suspended until fees for the season and the administration charge have been paid in full.


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